Family name

development started

26th of June 2019

where am I?

You are in World Seed. A procedurally generated world filled creatures, loot and mysteries.

in development

What you are about to experience is in alpha development. Please keep that in mind.

My goal as a developer and fellow gamer is to keep developing World Seed for many years to come. I will always look for ways to improve the game!

You can reach me at @kortekim or via email

placeholder graphics

Some of the graphics in World Seed is not licensed. I'm constantly looking to find design that I can buy and add to the game. If you are a digital fantasy art designer, don't hesitate to contact me!

important information

- Use Chrome when playing.

- There are progress resets happening at an avarage every other Thursday, this is only during alpha.

what is my purpose here?

Something is disturbing the time in this world. This is all you know. Every hour everything changes around you.

General guide for playing

World Seed is a click-to-play game where you are set out to solve the mysteries of the world and progress your character.

On your way you will fight creatures from the elements of (void), (frost), (nature) and (fire).

World Seed has a "tier system" represented by roman numerial symbols. The higher, the better.
I, II, III, IV, V and so on.

next reset

2th of January 2020, in 20 days

(as long as the game is in alpha, resets will happen approximately every other week)


World Seed has its own discord. Come hang out, follow the development or post suggestions @discord.

good to know

Travel; to different locations and explore the world

Gather; to get crafting materials

Craft; better gear and become stronger

Market; will have goods for you to purchase. Make sure to check in every hour!

Encounter; creatures and fight them to claim their riches

Explore; and find yourself some treasures

...and much more!

Version 0.10.2
Found a bug? Please report in discord.